Juraj's Personal Website

Juraj Dončević PhD is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Zagreb. He is currently employed at the Department of Applied Computing. In 2024, he defended his PhD thesis: "Extension of the mediator-wrapper architecture for heterogeneous data source integration by adding a mask".

His research is focused on software architecture, software design, data management, bidirectionalization and functional programming. He is currently working on Janus V2.0 and a library of BX lenses in C# (both projects are pending funding). Proficient in multiple programming languages and techonologies.

Full CV document available here.

He is interested in:

  • Software architectures
  • Software design
  • Data management
  • Functional programming
  • Bidirectional transformations
  • Category theory
  • Type theory

Proficient in:
  • Languages: C#, Python, F#, Rust, Haskell, C, Java, Javascript,
  • Frameworks: .NET (ASP, WPF), Spring, Express.js, Django, Flask
  • Databases:MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDb, Sqlite, LiteDb
  • Specialized libraries: ANTLR4, Selenium
Wants to learn or get better at:
  • Haskell
  • Rust
  • Scala
Loves 🎄Advent of Code🎄 in:
  • F#
  • Haskell
  • Python

Selected projects


A heterogeneous data source integration and management system

PhD thesis experimental project... AND BEYOND


A scriptable web crawler and scraper with a rudimentary language called CrawlLang implemented with ANTLR4


A law office court files simulator for secondary school students

As presented at CUC 2019


A monolithic heterogeneous database integration system with an experimental GlobalSQL query language implemented with ANTLR4

Master's thesis project


A simple desktop app for generating exam questions over parametrized question type templates using OpenAI's GPT completion model

As presented at CUC 2023

Selected publications

  • Dončević, J., Fertalj, K., Brčić, M., & Krajna, A. (2023). Mask–Mediator–Wrapper: A Revised Mediator–Wrapper Architecture for Heterogeneous Data Source Integration. Applied Sciences, 13(4), Article 4. 10.3390/app13042471
  • Dončević, J., Fertalj, K., Brčić, M., & Kovač, M. (2024). Mask–Mediator–Wrapper architecture as a Data Mesh driver. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. doi: 10.1109/TSE.2024.3367126
  • Krajna, A., Brcic, M., Lipic, T., & Doncevic, J. (2022). Explainability in reinforcement learning: Perspective and position (arXiv:2203.11547). arXiv. 10.48550/arXiv.2203.11547
  • Dončević, J., & Fertalj, K. (2020). Database Integration Systems. 2020 43rd International Convention on Information, Communication and Electronic Technology (MIPRO), 1617–1622. 10.23919/MIPRO48935.2020.9245245
  • D. Mlinarić, V. Mornar and J. Dončević, "Ranking model for dormitory admission process," 2022 45th Jubilee International Convention on Information, Communication and Electronic Technology (MIPRO), 2022, pp. 1088-1092, doi: 10.23919/MIPRO55190.2022.9803654.

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